Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to School Bargains!

Think back to those late August days of your youth, remember the excitement that came with a trip to get a new backpack and if you were really lucky a new trapper keeper! Those were the days, now instead of the school supply excitement I get to buy the goods for my kiddos.  Oh well, at least I can stockpile and save a ton,  there are deals aplenty to be had!  Now is the best time to stock up on the basics that you will need to send your munchkin(s) on their merry way when that first day rolls around. I like to throw in a few extra boxes of crayons and pencils for our crafts at home and even stocking stuffers.  Keep in mind that many stores price match so don't waste gas driving all over town.  Here are some of the best deals I've found for goodies this year:

Hot Lunch Box DEAL: Hurry to Wal-Mart or Target now and grab on of these Embark Lunch boxes, they start at $3 - $12.99. Here is the best part: they are full of coupons inside and you can even get a mail in rebate up to $4.96!

Product Image Embark Lunch Cooler - Pink 
At $7.99 this one is a steal at Target! Inside you should find a coupon booklet plus an offer for a FREE 6 month subscription to Parents Magazine! There should be an advertisement tag on the side of the bag. If Parents Magazine isn't your thing or (like me) you already have a subscription you can write "REFUSED" on the advertisement, send it in with your receipt and they will mail you a check for $4.96! Can't beat that, especially if you find a $3 one! But wait...yep, it's gets even better!  Check out the coupons that you'll find inside: 
Booklet #1 (expires 12/31/11):  
Yoplait kids yogurt – $1/2Minute Ride – $1/1,Capri Sun 100% Juice – $1/1, Purell Product – $1/1 (excludes trial), Pediasure 6-pack – $1.50/1, Arm and Hammer Kid’s Spinbrush Powered Toothbrush – $1/1, Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials Multipack – $1/1
Booklet #2 (expires 12/31/10):
Leapster game – $5/1, Horizon Organic Single Serve Milk (8 oz) – $1/3, Yoplait kids yogurts – $1/2,Bumble Bee Premium Albacore or Light Tuna Pouch – $1/2, Dole Fruit bowls, gels or parfaits – $1/2

$0.15 Deals
various folders

$0.25 Deals:
24 pack Crayola Crayons
Composition Notebooks
Elmer's 2 Pack Washable Glue Sticks
Elmer's Washable Glue
1 Subject Spiral Notebooks

$0.60 Deals
 Assorted Pencil Boxes

$1 Deals:
Post-It Notes (90 ct.)
Sharpie Markers (2 pk.)
Bic Mechanical Pencils (6 pk.)
Paper Mate Pens (10 ct.)
Magic Tape (300")
Crayola 10 Count Washable Markers
Crayola 12 Count Colored Pencils
Dixon 24 Count #2 Pencils
Bic 10 Count Pens, use this coupon  $1/2 print coupon 

 $2.50 Deals
Georgia Pacific Copy Paper (500 sheets)
Avery 5-Tab Edge Dividers
Mini Water Bottle (18 oz.)
Folders (3 pk.)
Fashion Folder (1")
 1-Subject Fasion Notebook

Here are the Office Max deals this week, ends 7/24

$0.10 Deal
Purell Original Hand Sanitizer (0.5 oz.) (No Limit)
$0.20 Deal:
All Just Basics Ballpoint Pens (10-pack) (No Limit)
$1 Deals:
OfficeMax mechanical Pencil Starter Kit
Just Basics erasers (5-pack)
OfficeMax 1-Subject Notebooks (100 sheets)
Scotch Magic Tap In Donut Dispenser
All Post-It 2×2 Notes (1-pack)
Liquid Paper Correction Fluid

We have a DG really close so I'm excited, here are the Back-to-School Deals at Dollar General:
$0.50 Deals:
Bic Cristal Pens (8-pack)
3M Post-It Notes (200-count)
DG Office Index Cards (100-count)
One-Subject 70-sheet notebook (wide or college ruled)
DG Office Yellow #2 Pencils (10-count)
Westcott Kid’s Scissors
Raymond Geddes Crayons (24-pack)
$1 Deals:
Composition Notebook
Sharpie Ultra-Fine Permanent Marker
Elmers School Glue (4-oz.)
5×7 Fashion Notebook
DG Office Calculator
Activity Box
Filler Paper – Wide or College Ruled (125-count)
DG Office Zipper Binder Pouch
Liqui-Mark Colored Pencils (12-count)
3M Post-It Die Cut Notes (150-count)
3M Post-It Flags (50-count) — use $1/1 coupon here to get them free!

Target has a few deals, look for more in August:
Bic Pens packs –$0.60
Buy 2 and use the $1/2 coupon
$0.10 each after coupon
Kid’s Scissors — $0.50
Pencil Case — $0.50

$0.25 Deals:
10-count case of Simmons Woodcase Pencils
2-pack Elmer’s Glue Sticks
24-count Crayola Crayons
12″ Rulers
$0.50 Deals:
Stretchable Book Covers
7-piece School Select Eraser Set
Mead Trapper Refills
$1 Deals:
10-count Broad or Fine Crayola Markers
12-count Crayola Colored Pencils
10-count Mechanical Bic Pens
Bic Wite Out
Westcott  2-Piece Math Set



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